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Training is a critical ingredient in developing a workforce that is prepared and fully capable to deliver outstanding perfomance. Training is also one of the most neglected aspects in many organizations. Not in terms of being ignored but in terms of investments being made in the lowest cost solution which is also the most ineffective.

True knowledge transfer requires that the recipient actually understands and retains concepts and skills that they are taught. Today’s paradigm of getting someone a subscription to an online learning resource and even following through with ensuring that their progress is recorded in a Learning Management System (LMS) does not really ensure that they have learned anything … except how boring most online learning content is.

We believe that instructors need to employ excellent communications skills as well as utilize an understanding of how people will learn terms, concepts and topics. Understanding how people learn is vastly more important than the instructor being the greatest subject matter expert. Quality instruction combined with properly designed materials delivered in an environment that is suited to meet knowledge transfer objectives results in the greatest success and the largest increases in productivity.

Training Tools International has helped our clients train thousands of participants.